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High performing teams drive productivity, foster innovation, and increase employee engagement. As a leader, you are responsible for developing your team members both as individuals and as members of a high performing team. Traditional development proposals cost you significantly – both in terms of financial impact and lost work time. 

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Rise Coaching offers a coaching-centered solution that puts a fresh lens on team development. Based on your team’s specific needs we combine the power of assessments, group coaching, and targeted individual coaching. Services are delivered over six months and for short durations of time.

Each Rise Coaching package is customized to your team’s needs. Here are some examples of typical packages. 
Please note – this is not an exhaustive list of options! Just a few of the more popular combinations. 

A breakdown of the Rise Coaching experience

6, one-hour group

coaching sessions*

Progress Roadmap

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Optional Add On:


Optional Add On:

1x1 Coaching

additional information

An on-brand shape that supports Talent Uplifted
  • *Rise Coaching can be delivered either virtually or in-person.

  • In-person engagements outside of the Keller, TX area will include an additional cost to cover travel expenses.

  • Please schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and options.  We highly encourage you to include all stakeholders in this conversation. 

  • The ideal group size for team coaching is 10 people or less.  If your team is larger, we will determine if splitting the team into smaller groups is necessary.

  • Basic Pricing Information:

    • A one-time consultation fee of $500-$1000 will be charged based on the size of the package.

    • Group Coaching Sessions cost $100 per person per session.

    • Assessments, debriefs, and 1x1 Coaching has an additional cost.

  • For more information visit our FAQ page.

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