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An on-brand shape for Talent Uplifted

Lacey is the founder and CEO of Talent Uplifted. She’s also a Certified Coach with a commitment to supporting leaders and organizations who create impactful and transformational results through engaging coaching programs, workshop facilitation, and keynote presentations. Lacey truly believes that when you thrive at work, you will thrive in life.

In 2020, she leveraged her 15 years of corporate experience in leadership development and HR to launch Talent Uplifted, a leadership and performance coaching business. Lacey’s energy, charisma, and passion for coaching allows her to spark meaningful connection and challenge her clients to achieve their greatest goals.

Lacey loves to learn and continues to discover knew knowledge, frameworks, processes, and behaviors that will serve her clients.  She is adventurous at heart, likes to be fit and active, enjoys science fiction and fantasy way more than she likes to admit, and travels as often as life permits.  She would like to thank her husband and son for their support and encourages you to remember that behind every small business is a Family. 

10, one-hour coaching sessions via zoom*

Assessment and Debrief

Progress Roadmap

Digital Experience and Support in the Talent Uplifted


  • Senior Professional in Human Resources, HR Certification Institute

  • MBA from Illinois State University

  • Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Bradley University

  • Certificate of Nonprofit Management from Duke University

  • Certified facilitator for Fierce, Inc

An on-brand shape for Talent Uplifted
A headshot of Lexie Puglisi, Marketing Director of Talent Uplifted

Lexie is the Marketing Director of Talent Uplifted. She has a passion for helping small businesses and solopreneurs achieve success and growth, in whatever terms they chose to define. 

Lexie attended the University of Missouri-Columbia and origionally planned to major in pre-journamism. After exploring different opportunties she decided to changer her major (a few times) and decided to major in marketing. She loved being able to use the creative and business forward sides of her brain and how every marketing plan is a new puzzle that needs solving. 

Lexie never stops learning. Whether it is a new marketing trend, a personal trainer certification, or lessons on how to speak Italian, she is always looking to gain valuable knowledge that will help her succeed in her personal and professional life. Lexie recently gave birth to twin boys, Leo and James. She hopes to show them that everyone has a different definition of success and only you can define yours. She enjoys spending her (little) free time being outside as often as she can,  either by gardening, playing with her dog, hiking or enjoying a good winery. She has a passion for traveling and lives her life following the words of the Dalai Lama “once a year go some place you’ve never been before”. 

Supporting text for Talent Uplifted
Supporting text for Talent Uplifted
  • Bachelors in Marketing from University of Missouri - Columbia

  • Mailchimp Foundations Certification

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